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A Quick Update to the ISO22301 Toolkit



In the spirit of continual improvement, Version 4 Release 1 of the ISO22301 Toolkit is all about incremental change, removing some of the minor bugbears that have attracted comments from customers as well as adding small improvements here and there to what is already an established toolkit.

So we’ve corrected those annoying typos you’ve occasionally spotted and amended the page numbering in the footers so that when you remove the header pages from the document the total number of pages is shown accurately.

New Content

But in terms of new content we’ve also added some additional columns to the Excel version of the ISO22301 Project Plan and we’ve introduced the idea of PESTLE to the Context document (for reference, this is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environmental when considering external issues for the management system).

New Documents

A Certification Readiness Checklist has been introduced to help decide when it’s time to go for certification to the ISO22301 standard and a Business Continuity Procedure Evaluation Checklist is now available to help with keeping plans and procedures up to date.

Gap Assessment Tools

We’ve rationalised the gap assessment tools provided in the ISO22301 Toolkit, focussing on the version of the tool that provides a series of questions to assess conformity, with the requirements-based equivalent being retired (customers reported finding this confusing). A more comprehensive version of this requirements tool is still available as an add-on from our website.

In Conclusion

When ISO22301 was published in 2012 it was one of the first standards to adopt the new management system layout. It is now under review by ISO and it would be reasonable to expect a 2019 version next year. If and when this happens, we will of course be issuing a major update to the CertiKit Toolkit at that time.

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