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A new look for CertiKit as our toolkits get a makeover

Today marks the public launch of an extensive redesign project at CertiKit, with the release of our first redesigned toolkit.

CertiKit has produced toolkits for nine products since its launch in 2010 – and the feedback in terms of their content since has been overwhelmingly positive.

We even won a UK Technical Communication Award last month, with judges praising our GDPR and ISO27001 toolkits as “excellent examples of technical communication”.

But, not wanting to become complacent, we wanted to make them even better, and so that’s what we’ve done with the launch of Version 5 of our PCI DSS Toolkit.

All our toolkits are reviewed and updated as a matter of course every nine months, taking on board feedback from customers as well as any changes in laws and other regulations.

But while those changes tend to focus on the words and numbers – the nuts and bolts of the toolkits – we decided it was high time that we gave them a new look, too.

First glimpse of the redesigned CertiKit toolkits

First glimpse of the redesigned CertiKit toolkits

So what's changed?

So what’s changed?

So that’s what we did. Here are the main changes:

  • Fonts: While in the past, we may have been guilty of using multiple fonts, we have stuck solely to Calibri in our new Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. This is the default Office font, and for good reason. It’s clear, crisp and easy to read.
  • Colours: We have a new palette, too. Body text is in a charcoal colour, which is easier to read than regular black whether in print or on-screen, while headings and much of the other page furniture are picked out in various shades and tints of the same turquoise colour we use in our logo.
  • Tables: We have two slightly different designs for tables – one for regular tables which are included as part of other documents and a second for those which are used as stand-alone forms.
  • Covers: All Word documents have a new, contemporary cover page, which reflects the style and tone of the content within.
  • Slides: All our toolkits include PowerPoint presentations. Those in this toolkit have been pepped up with a new theme, colours and use of imagery.
  • Compatibility: We create our toolkits using Microsoft Office on PCs – but we realise that some people use them on Apple Macs and/or in G-Suite, so we have ironed out a few bugs that prevented the documents being used to their full potential across all platforms.
  • Make it your own: Don’t like our fonts, colours or tables? No problem – our new design lets you change them at the click of a mouse by choosing different themes, style sets, colour palettes and table styles. It is also easy to replace the CertiKit logo with your own.

Professional and simple

We are already beginning work to apply the new styles to all our existing toolkits – and new ones.

CertiKit managing director Ken Holmes said: “I’m delighted with our new look toolkits as they bring an enhanced feel of up-to-date professionalism combined with easy options for the customer to make the documents their own at the click of a mouse.”

What's new in Version 5?

As well as the redesign, we’ve made a series of other tweaks to the PCI DSS Toolkit. Here are the main ones:

  • Implementation Guide: Updated to include details of the Prioritized Approach gap assessment tool on the PCI DSS website.
  • Completion Instructions: Updated to include extended instructions for Microsoft Word documents; new instructions for Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations; and compatibility details for users of Apple Macs and Google’s G Suite (Docs, Sheets and Slides).
  • Introduction to PCI DSS Presentation: Notes to presenter added to each slide.
  • Anti-Malware Policy: Adware and Ransomware definitions updated/added; configuration of antivirus programs point clarified.
  • Access Control Policy: Privileged Access Management title updated.
  • Password Policy: Updated in accordance with latest guidance from UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Visitor Log: Format changed from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Word.
  • Security Incident Response Procedure: Addition of RACI chart in incident response section.
  • Service Provider and Contracts Database: Addition of notes to column headings in Database worksheet.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tool: Addition of a new column in the risk assessment for high-level costs to treat/mitigate the risk; changes to colouring of charts; addition of notes to column headings in Risk Assessment worksheet.

PDF examples of the new-look PCI DSS Toolkit are available in the Products section of the CertiKit website.

We’d love to hear what you think of the redesign. Click here let us know your thoughts.

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