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Introducing the UK Data Protection Toolkit

When the EU’s GDPR became law almost three years ago, organisations across the UK and beyond were rightly concerned at what they needed to do to comply.

The General Data Protection Regulation compelled organisations which hold personal data about European Union citizens to take steps to protect it – or risk breaking the law.

And barely a day went by when the GDPR wasn’t making headlines. The mass confusion at the time led to people seeking professional help, and CertiKit’s GDPR Toolkit became our all-time best-seller.

Now the United Kingdom has left the EU following the Brexit vote of 2016, meaning things have changed slightly in terms of protecting the data of UK citizens.

We have written extensively about the changes in our blog piece, “How does Brexit affect the GDPR?”. This advises organisations in the EU, the UK and elsewhere in the world on what their next steps should be.

Our revised EU GDPR toolkit was released last week, and we have now created a new UK version.

UK GDPR Data Protection

What’s inside the new toolkit

The UK Data Protection Toolkit is aimed at organisations that want to know how to comply with the United Kingdom version of the GDPR and its supporting law, the Data Protection Act 2018.

The toolkit contains 12 folders, each providing all the documents and forms you need to help you through the implementation process.

All areas are covered, including roles, awareness and training; rights of the data subject and personal data breach management.

Differences to the EU version

CertiKit managing director Ken Holmes explained that the UK toolkit was created from the framework of the EU version.

He said: “With Brexit now a reality, the data protection landscape in the UK has shifted slightly. Although there is a strong degree of alignment with the EU GDPR, it will be interesting to see how that changes over the next few years.

“Everyone is now waiting to see what happens at the end of the six-month grace period, during which the EU will decide whether or not to make an adequacy decision in favour of the UK.

“Our UK Data Protection Toolkit is initially very similar in content to our existing GDPR Toolkit. However, there are subtle differences in what must be done by organisations handling UK personal data, including the need to appoint a UK representative if you’re outside the UK.

“The new legal framework created by Brexit can be difficult to understand, especially as there is no official UK GDPR or amended Data Protection Act document.

“Instead, there is a need to look at both the original laws, and the changes side by side. To make this easier, we have created an updated UK GDPR and Data Protection Act and included them within the UK Data Protection Toolkit.”

Highlights of the UK Data Protection Toolkit

Here are some of the highlights of the CertiKit UK Data Protection Toolkit:

  • Intended for organisations within and outside the UK which handle UK personal data
  • Aligned with the requirements of the new UK GDPR and the amended Data Protection Act
  • Based on our highly successful GDPR Toolkit, which is now at version 7
  • All relevant legislation is included, with CertiKit versions to make it easier to understand
  • The Implementation Guide gives clear instructions on how to comply with the new UK data protection regime
  • All the policies, procedures, forms and tools that made our GDPR toolkit so useful, are included

Plaudits from customers and judges

The EU version of the GDPR toolkit, along with our ISO27001 information security toolkit, won a top accolade in the 2019 UK Technical Communication Awards.

Judges from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) hailed them as “excellent examples of technical communication” with a “clear and professional” look.

And customers writing tributes at our page at gave the EU GDPR toolkit five-star ratings, saying it saved them time and money, and prevented them from “reinventing the wheel”.

We’re certain the UK version of the toolkit will prove just as popular.

More UK Data Protection Resources

CertiKit is a provider of document toolkits and has helped more than 4000 organizations worldwide with their compliance.

For more guidance on complying to the UK GDPR and other data protection laws post-brexit, we’ve put together a list of our best free resources including sample documents, blogs and downloadable documents.

Free UK GDPR Resources

We’ve helped more than 4000 businesses with their compliance


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