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Cyber Essentials Toolkit v2

Last year, CertiKit launched a toolkit to help organisations with the basics of cyber security, such as firewalls, passwords and software updates.

Cyber Essentials was launched by the British government in 2014 as a certification scheme to help prevent cyber-attacks, although organisations outside the UK can still take part.

The toolkit was a success, selling many copies and helping organisations to become certified to the scheme.

There are three main reasons to sign up to Cyber Essentials, the first being peace of mind. If your IT systems are secure, you are far less likely to become the victim of a cyber-attack.

The second reason involves working with the public sector. If you want to bid for British government contracts which involve handling sensitive and personal information, you must have Cyber Essentials Certification.

Finally, kudos. Becoming certified shows your customers that you take cyber security seriously and are taking steps to keep the data you hold about them safe.

Five become one

Since the launch of our toolkit in April 2019, Cyber Essentials has changed. The main difference is that, from April 2020, IASME is now the sole accreditation body. Before that, IASME was one of five such bodies.

Version 2 of the CertiKit Cyber Essentials Toolkit reflects this fact, among a raft of other changes.

And, at a time when hackers are making headlines like never before, it is more important than ever to have strong cyber security systems in place.

CertiKit managing director Ken Holmes said: “The Cyber Essentials scheme is a great starting point, especially for small and medium businesses, to put in place the main controls that defend against the majority of threats out there on the Internet.

“We’re pleased to have updated our Cyber Essentials Toolkit with the changes the UK government has made to the way the scheme works, with IASME now the sole accreditation body and partner to the National Cyber Security Centre.

“The visual and formatting changes we have made now mean that this toolkit is as professional in appearance as it is in content.”

What’s new in v2?

Customers who bought the first version will notice that the toolkit is the latest in the CertiKit range to be completely redesigned, featuring new colours, fonts and imagery.

The redesign gives the documents a fresh new look and is intended to make them easier to navigate. The content itself is as excellent as ever.

All spreadsheets have also been redesigned, and some of them feature attractive and functional dashboards and Gantt charts.

The content of many of the documents from v1 of the toolkit has been updated, and several new ones have been added. These are as follows:

Brand new documents

  • Overview: Diagram of all the toolkit documents needed for each Cyber Essentials control.
  • Toolkit Index: Spreadsheet indexes of the toolkit by both document and requirement.
  • Firewall Rule Removal Process: Document explaining how to remove a firewall rule which is no longer needed.
  • Configuration Standard: Document to describe how a specific type of device must be configured.
  • EXAMPLE Configuration Standard: A configuration example involving a Windows 10 laptop.
  • Incident Response Plan (Ransomware): Document with steps to take to respond to a ransomware attack

How to buy

Our v2 toolkit costs £199. UK certification costs from between £300 and £600, depending on the certification body.

You can buy the CertiKit Cyber Essentials v2 Toolkit here.

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