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Helping you with ISO20000 from 2010 to today

We at CertiKit owe a lot to ISO20000 because it inspired us to create our very first toolkit back in 2010.

Then addressing the 2005 version of the International Standard, our Toolkit helped organizations across the globe to put in place IT Service Management Systems (SMSs).

Since then, there have been two revisions of the Standard – in 2011 and 2018 – and CertiKit has kept pace with the changes by releasing eight versions of the Toolkit, as well as others with more minor revisions. Now the ninth has been unveiled.

CertiKit CEO Ken Holmes said: “In an increasingly interconnected world, managing services is becoming more challenging and more essential as billions of people now rely upon them being available.

“We believe that ISO20000 will continue to increase in importance as a valid way to manage services effectively and to prove that you’re doing so.

“The ISO20000 Standard is increasing in popularity worldwide, with a ten per cent increase in certifications reported in the most recent ISO survey.”

That survey was in 2017. And with technology playing an increasingly important role in the affairs of businesses and other organizations, ISO20000 should continue to become more popular.

ISO20000 certification can help your organization to operate more effectively with an IT Service Management System, or SMS.

So what’s changed in our Toolkit?

Version nine of the Toolkit is our biggest and best yet, featuring new documents, tweaks to existing ones and an infographic to explain in simple terms how the Standard works.

Among the new documents is a Certification Readiness Checklist, which helps organizations determine whether they have all the main building blocks in place in the run-up to applying for certification.

This adds to the more detailed analysis available in the gap assessment and identifies areas that could lead to major nonconformities at audit time if they are not addressed.

Another new document is the Service Catalogue Process document. This provides more detail about how the Service Catalogue is created and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

“We have enhanced a number of documents in different ways,” added Mr Holmes, “including adding explanatory notes to the column headings of Excel forms, such as the Service Improvement Plan, Nonconformity and Corrective Action Log, and the Opportunity Assessment Tool.

“We have also clarified the ways in which the scope of an SMS can be defined. Clearer guidance can be found in the document SMS Context, Requirements and Scope.

“Responsibilities for the general Process Owner and Process Manager roles have been added to the document Service Management Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities, and these are now referenced in other documents.

“Lastly, references to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) have been updated in presentations to reflect the fact that ITIL 4 has now been published.”

Don’t just take our word for it

We had plenty of positive feedback for our ISO20000 Toolkit from customers in our Annual Customer Feedback Survey for 2019, each one saying it saved them days of work.

Alexander Polimeni told us the templates provided a “solid foundation”. He added: “They were not blank documents, like ‘templates’ from other providers.”

Pavol Skokan praised the Toolkit for being professionally presented and for saving him time. “A very good starting point for implementation,” he wrote.

And Lorenz Laguilles also praised the Toolkit for helping his organization to save time. He wrote that the documentation was “comprehensive” and that “minimal edits are required”.

Where can I find out more?

Click to read more about our ISO20000 Toolkit, to see examples of some of the documents and to buy your own copy.

Click to read our thoughts on the 2018 version of ISO20000, which includes changes such as the introduction of the Annex SL structure to the standard.

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