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Many customers start their purchasing decision online, so it is important to make sure your website is up and running at all times, with relevant and useful information about your products. Ensuring your website is consistent and has no issues is especially important for e-commerce sites that rely solely on online sales. Even an hour’s downtime could result in a loss of revenue and customer loyalty.

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What does website monitoring do?

Simply put, the service checks your website is still live and working properly hundreds of times per day, and will notify you if something was to change. Depending on your level of monitoring, it can also simulate common transactions, such as your checkout process, checking for any errors or significant changes in speed.

Why is website monitoring important?

1. Customer journey: In an instant world where fast page speed and easy purchasing is the norm, if there is a downtime issue with your website there is a risk that your customer will shop elsewhere.

2. Peace of mind: Inevitably, most websites will encounter an error at some point. The quicker you know about it, the quicker it can be resolved. Website monitoring is in essence a basic business continuity strategy that will reduce the chance of customer and revenue loss.

3. Selling internationally: The service can monitor your website from different touch points all over the world. This is done 24 hours a day, so you can ensure that your website is running well for customers in different time zones, even when your offices are closed.

4. Google ranking: Google penalises downtime and page speed issues. Frequent, unresolved issues can lead to lower organic search rankings on Google. On the flip side, a website performing at optimum speed and performance can increase your SEO ranking.

Choosing the right monitoring service for you

When choosing a website monitoring service, you can shop around for the best one for your business based on budget and level of service. There are a variety of free and paid-for services.

Uptrends offers a website monitoring service for businesses of all sizes, with tiered packages to suit your business needs from basic monitoring to transaction simulation. CertiKit’s Managing Director Ken Holmes explains the benefits: “Monitoring your website is absolutely key if you want to know, before your customers tell you, that your website is down, or is not functioning correctly. Knowing that Uptrends is monitoring our website gives me one less thing to worry about.”


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