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Bridging the cyber skills gap

As technology advances, and the fight against cyber crime becomes more challenging, organizations are making changes to improve their IT systems and security.


Businesses are automating certain tasks to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as taking out the risk of human error. Anti-virus software can detect and remove security threats, such as threatening email attachments and malicious URL links. This software can continuously scan and monitor a system to ensure optimum safety.

Invest in cyber security systems

Identifying and solving threats is a challenge for many organizations. We recommend investing in a robust IT security software that adapts as new threats evolve. This will save you time and money in the long run, by reducing the resources spent manually resolving detected issues. Don’t forget to ensure software is regularly updated to work to its full potential.

Implement a culture change

Each person in your organization has a role to play in keeping data protected. If there is a lack of awareness in your team, this can lead to vulnerabilities through human error. To address this, organizations need to implement a culture of cyber safety to all colleagues. Internal and external awareness training can be the first step to developing a culture change within an organization.

Invest in people

Finding someone that matches your job requirements perfectly is a difficult task, and looking at aptitude, attitude and transferable skills can be one way to make recruiting less complicated. Investing in training, such as apprenticeships, can bridge the skills gap needed for your organization.

As cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and damaging, it is one of the biggest challenges for businesses and their IT systems. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but becoming aware and implementing small changes now can make a big impact overall. Our Cyber Essentials Toolkit is a great starting point for implementing cyber security within an organization and helps you implement the five key controls of the scheme. Contact us now for more information.

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