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Trust us to help your customers trust you: GDPR Toolkit V6

CertiKit’s GDPR Toolkit has been a huge success since its launch in June 2017, helping thousands of organisations to safeguard the privacy of EU citizens.

The General Data Protection Regulation became law in May 2018, forcing organisations who held personal data about EU citizens to take steps to protect it – or risk breaking the law.

Now, with sales to dozens of countries across the world, including every nation in the EU, we have released version six of the CertiKit GDPR Toolkit.

There are plenty of reasons to buy the toolkit. It is our third to be redesigned, giving it a fresh, contemporary look, with new colours, fonts and graphics.


An index document has been added, showing how each GDPR article is addressed by the Toolkit documents.

And there are three new documents: a Data Breach Incident Response Plan, an HR Security Policy and a Social Media Policy.

What else is new?

Other improvements include the following:

  • Content updates to several documents, including:
    • Data Processing Agreement
    • Access Control Policy
    • Anti-Malware Policy
  • Additional functionality added to the Data Protection Impact Assessment Tool
  • New completed example documents, including:
    • Legitimate Interest Assessment Form
    • Personal Data: Initial Questionnaire
    • Privacy Notice Planning Form: Data Subject
    • Privacy Notice Planning Form: Other Source
    • Data Subject Request Form
    • Processor GDPR Assessment
    • Breach Notification Letter to Data Subjects
  • The addition of ten current guideline documents from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), making it easier to access official guidance on subjects such as breach notification, consent and transparency

Clearer and easier to use

CertiKit managing director Ken Holmes said: “Version six of our popular GDPR Toolkit is packed with the things our customers tell us they want, such as new documents, more content, more examples and lots of supporting information.

“I’m delighted to continue the rollout of our new layouts and formatting in the GDPR toolkit V6, making the documents clearer, more professional and easier to use.”

The GDPR is the biggest change to data protection laws in more than two decades, affecting everyone living in the EU. It aims to give people more control over how their personal data is handled.

It was big news in 2018 as organisations across the UK, continental Europe and further afield battled to get their systems in order before it became law on May 25.

Five-star reviews

Customers have told us the GDPR Toolkit has been invaluable in helping them to become GDPR compliant. As ever, don’t take our word for it – here are a few reviews from our website.

  • “This great resource has saved us from rediscovering the wheel over and over. In addition, the company is available to help with basic questions all of us have when deploying GDPR.” – Dario Valori ★★★★★
  • “The GDPR Toolkit contains a ton of useful templates that will save me hundreds of hours if I had to start from scratch. Highly recommended!” – Jerry Fortunato ★★★★★
  • “CertiKit has been a great aid to achieving compliance to the GDPR. The kit provided is extensive and the guidelines extremely clear.” – Jennifer Cameron ★★★★★

Our GDPR Toolkit, along with that for ISO27001, even won us a top accolade in the UK Technical Communication Awards earlier this year.

We always listen to the feedback from our customers and take their suggestions on board when making updates to any of our toolkits. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch. You can also leave a review here.

To find out more about the updated CertiKit GDPR Toolkit, click here.

We’ve helped more than 4000 businesses with their compliance


Love the product, love the style, and especially the presentation. Every time I show it to executive levels, they are impressed with the overall view, and how it translates easily.

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