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CertiKit’s first toolkit marks milestone with v10 release

Back in 2010, CertiKit released its first ever toolkit, helping people to meet the criteria of the ISO20000 Standard in IT Service Management.

Since then, nine versions of the toolkit have been sold to hundreds of customers in more than 60 countries around the world.

In terms of the sheer amount of content, this is the largest toolkit we produce and one of the most popular, with customers describing it as complete and clearly written.

Now we have released version 10 – with some big changes to both the content, especially in terms of cloud-based services and new technologies, and the documents’ design.

As well as making changes to bring the toolkit more up to date with the latest version of the standard, it becomes the final CertiKit toolkit to be redesigned, with a new colour scheme, graphics and forms.

ISO20000 IT Service Management

As popular as ever

Ken Holmes, CertiKit’s managing director, said: “This is the last of our toolkits to benefit from the redesign and, based on feedback about our other redesigned toolkits, we think customers will be very pleased with the results.

“We’ve taken the time to align the toolkit more fully with the ISO20000:2018 standard, with new documents in the areas of demand, asset and knowledge management.

“ISO20000 was our very first toolkit. I’m delighted that, ten versions later, it’s still as popular as it ever was.”

Plot your progress

Redesign aside, there are plenty more updates. Key spreadsheet tools such as risk assessments, project plans and gap assessments now feature attractive dashboards with charts and graphs to help you plot your progress.

A new Toolkit Index clearly shows how each of the documents relates to the requirements of the standard.

And diagrams and flowcharts, previously presented in Microsoft Visio format, have been redesigned in Word, making them more attractive and easier to edit.

Simplified and streamlined

Here are some of the other improvements in v10:

  • A new section on integrating management systems added to the Implementation Guide
  • All presentations now have speaker notes
  • New documents in the areas of demand, asset and knowledge management
  • More consideration of cloud-based services and new technologies
  • A new SMS process overview diagram has been added
  • Service continuity and availability management now have separate policies
  • Some documents simplified to better match the requirements of the 2018 version of the standard
  • Internal auditing documents now take account of remote auditing considerations
  • Some outdated documents have been removed from the toolkit
  • All documents have been reviewed and, where appropriate, updated

What our customers say

Earlier versions of the toolkit have proved popular with customers writing on our page at

Andrew Greenow said he liked the support documentation, such as presentations, which could be used to sell the value of ISO20000 to customers and colleagues.

“This is my second ISO20000 implementation, and I see this toolkit as making it an easier proposition,” he added.

Another customer, Carl Schuster, added: “The documents are clearly written and detailed… a very helpful toolkit.”

The CertiKit ISO20000 toolkit costs £595, excluding VAT. You can buy the latest version, v10, here.

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