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  • Well set out - Equally applicable to a small business as it would be to a larger one.

    Power Trading Ltd
  • The content is exactly what we needed to get started. We lean heavily on the templates to get most of the key points for each section in place and can focus on those points that are most important to us.

  • The sample documents are very rich in their scope. Our attorneys have reviewed our edits and can find no fault with what is presented.

    Institute for Supply Management
  • Full coverage of the subject, clearly written, three support questions I had were answered promptly and accurately

    Uniteam Global Business Services
  • Complete set of docs, removes loads of boring work, good structure, easy buy in to approach

    TSP Projects
  • Each document is not an island, they all interconnect which is something I've struggled with when using other template packs. Well written and generally happy with the structure of the docs. Really appreciate the excel tools.

  • It was like having your hand held through the whole confusing and frustrating process of getting GDPR compliant, making it much more bearable.

    EBY Design
  • Easy to follow, complete, logical setup and approach, and the templates are very easy to customize with company branding.

    ReMark International
  • The toolkit was perfect in delivering the correct process to our business, preventing thousands spent on consultants delivering the same toolkit. It also played a massive part in speeding up our compliance in GDPR.

    G3 Comms Limited
  • The toolkit was easy to use and came with all the instructions needed to confidently complete and comply with GDPR law.

    Bayford & Co Ltd
  • The structure of the documents was very well thought out. The language used was clear and easy to understand.

    Maxim Facilities Management
  • The tool is excellent and saved me a lot of work in writing documents, designing forms and spread sheets, etc. It was also very useful in tracking where I was in relation to my compliance.

    Robin Hood Energy Limited
  • Starting the compliance process with the CertiKit Toolkit helped us more than we even expected. While we expected document templates and such, it quickly became the implementation process. Each template became an action item for meetings/discussions on how our business works within the regulation. Thanks!

  • Your product is well thought out, the writing style is perfect. These templates have been very easy to implement.

  • I am very pleased to have found you and would like to say thanks for the toolkit, it made my life so much easier.

    RFIB Group Ltd
  • Thank you for the kit, I don't know where I would have started without it!

    Visualhouse Ltd
  • Your documentation was an absolute God send. I understand GDPR completely, I did before I purchased your documentation, but the work creating the documents was hanging over me like an anvil. Your documentation made everything an absolute breeze.

    Watchman IT Security
  • My organisation recommends CertiKit documentation toolkits to all our clients and I would gladly recommend them personally.

    IT Lab
  • Just so you know, we got ISO/IEC 27001-2013 certified in December 2015 (last year) thanks to this toolkit. The best part is that the toolkit had 99% of the text for all documents and some actually were generic enough, just to the point and made me feel as if it was tailored purposely for our environment. You guys do put in a lot of work into your documents and it is always almost ready.

    Information Security Analyst
    Reeher LLC
  • Great job guys, your documents gave us the framework to start from and we have found the editing process to be much easier with a starting point. You guys don't charge enough for the amount of time we've saved. I'd say 3 months.

    Director of IT
    SMS Data Products Group, inc
  • We are a tech start-up, therefore ISO27001 requires no reverse engineering, and the templates gave us the framework we needed. The templates saved 5 months’ work and allowed us to become conversant in the environment of ISO.

    Managing Director
  • This was the most comprehensive tool kit we found. The main selling point was the fact that they are laid out in a clear logical order, precisely following the order of the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

    Operations Assistant
    Enterprise Insurance Company Plc
  • It really saved us a lot of time and we would not have made the deadline and budget without the documents. Thank you!

    Technoberg b.v.
  • Thank you - you made it easy.

  • Short, concise, seem to link well together, fit our small organisation and make it achievable to reach certification. Removes some of the mystery of the ISO process.

    Business Developer
  • The templates provide an excellent framework on which to build your ISMS. They are easily tailored to fit your organisation and cover all the key areas of the standard.

    Project Manager
    Aberdein Considine
  • The templates have a good explanation on how each is used, and customising it to my company is very easy. Also it is easy to integrate into documentation we already have.

    Risk Management and Compliance Officer
    e4 Strategic
  • We're a small company (170 employees) and we don't have the time to "re-create the wheel", nor the budget to hire a consultant. This toolkit gives us the recipe and the ingredients to put together a business continuity system.

    Vice President
    Altek Electronics
  • The toolkit gives us a great framework that saves time and ensures an easy compliant audit.

    DBF UK
  • The documents saved time, money and provided the business with what was required. The set continues to be a useful resource providing a good base to commence new and/ or improved processes.

    HR and Bus Improvement Support
    Blue Crystal Solutions
  • Good quality up to date product from someone who knows what he's talking about.

    Purple Griffon
  • Great library of documents that helped tremendously in the development of our respective systems. The organization and hierarchy of the documents were easy to follow.

    GC&E Systems Group, Inc. USA
  • The toolkits are very clear and easy to use and probably the best examples out there for these standards. Easy to adapt or add details to, to reflect your own processes and procedures.

    Middle Manager
    Aberdein Considine, UK
  • The documents are excellent in covering a vast number of key areas in terms of ISO. I particularly like the layout and the comprehensive nature of the documents provided.

    Senior Manager
    GTI Group, UK
  • The documents are perfect. The money was well spent.

    Moveltix OOD, Bulgaria
  • Keep pitching what you do.... It works and wins when comparing to perceived competition. Almost a personal touch springs to mind. Personally like the product, and the way it's delivered.

    Reality Consulting, Jersey
  • I found the toolkit templates easily map back to the standard. The introductory information for each document was helpful in preparing for our external audit.

    Senior Manager
    V-Tech Solutions, Inc. USA
  • The toolkit is well laid out, clearly written and easy to adapt. I like the fact that it is compliant to the standard as a start point. This is difficult to achieve considering the diversity of organisations it is covering.

    SSTL, UK
  • Compared to competing toolkits, your V9 document structure (title page, history, ToC, content organization) was very good. The provided "Introduction" of each was useful (I have moved those out of the core documents and into a more comprehensive manual) for the general audience vs security staff. The inclusion of references to 27017 and 27018 were appreciated. You provided more "ISMS-C" oriented artefacts than competitors.

    Security Strategist
    Trusted By Design Inc
  • I really love the introductions and guidance in each document. This makes it so easy to use for my team and the uninitiated to quality management.

    Head of HR and Operations
    Chauncery Ventures
  • The example documents provided were of high quality, so the decision to purchase the document pack in full was made easy. I looked around, but couldn't find anything that had the same level of quality

    IT Director
    SMG Health

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