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When you submit an enquiry via our website, we use the personal data you supply to respond to your query, including providing you with any requested information about our products and services. We may also email you several times after your enquiry in order to follow up on your interest and ensure that we have answered your it to your satisfaction. We will do this based on our legitimate interest in providing accurate information prior to a sale. Your enquiry is stored and processed as an email which is hosted by Microsoft within the European Economic Area (EEA). We keep enquiry emails for two years, after which they are securely archived and kept for seven years, when we delete them.

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About Uptrends:

Founded in 2007, Uptrends has offices in four locations – USA, Netherlands, Germany and France, and customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Uptrends offer a complete website monitoring solution for organisations of all sizes. Their innovative software can monitor your website, API and server from 224 locations worldwide to minimise downtime and disruptions.



What Uptrends offers:

• Website Monitoring – Proactively test your website in up to 1-minute intervals, with a real browser using our 224 worldwide checkpoints. Know when something breaks before your customers do.
• Web Application Monitoring – Monitor multi-step transactions such as shopping carts, payment screens, logins, search, and forms.
• Web Performance Monitoring – Quickly identify the source of web performance issues in Chrome, Firefox and IE. Receive load-time alerts, and view errors in easy-to-use waterfall reports.
• API Monitoring – Set up continuous automated API testing to monitor changing circumstances. Monitor your API uptime and set up API calls to verify its response data.
• Real User Monitoring – Get performance data directly from your site’s users with Real User Monitoring. Analyse a detailed performance breakdown for every browser, device, and OS your visitors use.
• Server Monitoring – Keep an eye on your web and mail server uptime (SMTP, POP3 & IMAP) from an external point of view. Avoid long-term mayhem with DNS Monitoring.

At CertiKit we’re committed to helping organizations worldwide improve their business operations and protect what matters. Downtime can have serious impact on brand perception and sales, which is why we recommend our partner organization Uptrends, who will provide their best available deals for CertiKit customers. Simply fill out the form below to enquire about their products.

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If you would like to find out more about what Uptrends can offer your organization, please indicate your consent by completing the enquiry form below and a representative of Uptrends will be in touch soon.

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